Daniel Flynn is a singer, songwriter and poet based in Sydney, Australia


Candlelight Night was recorded in Melbourne 2019 and released August 2020*Daniel Flynn Vocals and Guitar*Karl Leiden Guitar, Bass, Keys and Beats* Mixed and Produced by Karl Leeden.
Flowers was recorded during the Candlelight Night sessions and released 2020. Originally a single,three extra tracks were added *Vocals and Guitar -Daniel Flynn * Guitar,Bass and Drums -Karl Leeden * Produced by Karl Leeden
Recorded at Alberts Studios Sydney July 2007 and mixed in Melbourne by Karl Leeden. * Vocals and Guitar - Daniel Flynn * Lead Guitar- Karl Leiden * Bass - Brendan Flynn * Drums - Anthony Ingram
Recorded between Sydney and Melbourne 2012-2013. Released 2014. * Vocals and Guitar-Daniel Flynn * Bass-Brendan Flynn and Andre Solan * Guitars and Electronics - Karl Leeden * Vocals -Joey Bedlam * Produced by Karl Leeden
Recorded live at Zen Studios 1996 and Karmic Hit Studios 1998 (Produced By Russell Kilbey). * Daniel Flynn -Vocals and Guitar * Claude Corry- Guitar * Brendan Flynn -Bass * Api Robin - Drums
Recorded 2022 at Hercules Street Studios Sydney*Mixed & Produced by Wayne Connolly*Daniel Flynn - Vocals & Guitar*Wayne Conolly - Bass,Guitar & Keys*Karl Leeden -Guitar *Claude Corry- Guitar*Ed Prescott -Drums*Brendan Flynn - Bass on For Someone Else


Somewhere In Between is a collection of poems written between 1993 and 2001.Click on book to read


Daniel Flynn is a singer, songwriter and poet from Sydney, Australia.

Daniel formed his first band Gnosis in 1995, and in 1996 Gnosis released their self titled debut album. Gnosis was Daniel Flynn (vocals and guitar), Claude Corry (lead guitar),Brendan Flynn (bass) and Api Robin (drums). In 1998 an EP was recorded and produced by Russell Kilbey at Karmic Hit studios in Sydney with Brendan on bass, Api on drums and Rory Flynn playing some keyboards. The band was named Flynn. Flynn played extensively throughout Sydney and toured New Zealand, culminating with a headline set supporting the Celibate Rifles at the 1998 Rip Curl World Heli Challenge in Wanaka, NZ.

Daniel and Brendan then formed a Sydney based band called The Doves, continuing to play earlier material and covering some of their influences, including Bowie, The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, The Pixies and The Gun Club. In 2000, Daniel relocated to Melbourne, where he formed Sexdoll with Karl Leeden. Band name, Sexdoll was derived from influences The Sex Pistols and The New York Dolls.The sound was slightly heavier and very glam punk in style.

After a number of years of touring and two EPs, Sexdoll recorded their self titled album in 2007 at Alberts Studios in Sydney. The accompanying live shows saw the return of Claude Corry from Gnosis on lead guitar, with Karl occasionally flying in from Melbourne, but Sexdoll played mainly as a three piece with Daniel taking on all of the guitar duties. Brendan was back on bass  and Anthony Ingram on drums. Sexdoll built a loyal following in Sydney playing the inner city pub scene, and the three formed a very tight bond. Sexdoll split in 2012.

Between all the music Somewhere in Between was published.It was a collection of poems written between 1993-2001.

Daniel then set about writing and recording his first solo album and Bright Times was released in 2014. It was recorded between two studios in Sydney and Melbourne over a two year period, produced by Sexdoll guitarist Karl Leeden and mastered by William Bowden.Follow up album Candlelight Night was released in 2020, along with a four track EP called Flowers. Both continued the working relationship with Karl Leeden who produced both releases.

In 2022 Daniel recorded his third solo album at Hercules Street Studios Sydney. Titled Another Planet and working with a new drummer the album has a nice Post Punk feel in parts, with influences from bands like Television and Talking Heads shining through, whilst as always some songs reminiscent  of The Velvet Underground, The Stooges and David Bowie…The album was mixed produced by ARIA award winning producer Wayne Connolly who also contributed musically.Recently Daniel has been spending quite a bit of time between Sydney and New York and is in the process of writing for his next release.